Welcome to Holistic Health at Home Life Coaching…

Life is a balancing act and most fulfilling when we learn to embrace the rollercoaster of good and bad, happy and sad, and joys and challenges.

Holistic Health Life Coaching is all about the health and well-being of the client and focuses on the ‘whole’ or larger picture of the client’s life to help the client discover what is blocking their happiness and potential. 

Holistic Life Coaching is about self-improvement and seeking solutions, to enable the client to live the life they desire by providing support and motivation and self-help tools with meditation and optional treatments included. 

An initial consultation is the first step.  This will help the therapist and client build a safe and open relationship to illuminate the blockages or problems that need working on. Within the consultation it will be discussed what will be the best and appropriate approach to dealing with and moving forward towards the goals that would best suit the individual.

If you decide Holistic Health Life Coaching is your next step towards a more fulfilled life we will create regular meetings and a support plan which will provide strategies and progress reports to help you meet your goals. I will be dedicated to giving you motivation, inspiration and support within an agreed commitment schedule that suits you.  You can take small steps or a big leap towards the future that is waiting for you.

It is important that we listen to our body, our mind and our inner intuition to achieve the best form of ourselves. 

The best thing we can do for ourselves and the people in our life is ‘to improve ourselves’. 

When we grow stronger, more relaxed and in alignment with our true selves we are open to abundance.

 If we do not take control of life, life will control us.


  • help with positive life changes
  • help with day to day challenges
  • find solutions
  • give guidance
  • help set boundaries
  • rebalance
  • help with emotional and mental matters with healing
  • help set and achieve goals
  • give support
  • enable personal growth
  • change behaviour patterns
  • help over-come obstacles
  • improve health
  • give motivation and inspiration
  • give confidence
  • give empowerment
  • help discover possibilities
  • help you re-connect with yourself
  • create joy and happiness

If you are interested in taking the next step towards the positive and happy life you deserve please call me or fill in the short questionnaire below and I will contact you to discuss the first initial consultation and the next best step for us to continue on this rewarding journey together.  

Call/Text 07968 445953

                                                                 *** it is never too late to live the life you want for yourself ***